Feriados nos Açores

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Travelling to the azores by plane from Greece is hard enough, not to think how it would have been by sailing boat, the first impression was kind of cold and cloudy, but also beautiful, green with high cliffs and a beautiful landscape! After landing in Terceira at night we made it on a ‘rough’ sail to Craciosa, ok it wasn’t rough, not at all but for me and Argyro it was. We both got sea sick feeding the fishes, witch worked and we got already on the first day to see a blue whale and some sperm whales. We first thought we just were lucky but it was the abundance of whales and our good visions which gave as the pleasure to see many amazing whales, dolphins, turtles and even a shark or something similar. All islands (Terceira, Craciosa, Faial, Pico and Sao Jorge) are really beautiful. All have nice Caldeiras or what is left of the existing dynamics which created this group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic ridge. They have lot of green nice paths and sometimes also nice waves. The weather is strange; either cold or hot, clouds and rain come and go. But in overall its quite comfortable. The pictures should tell you the rest. For sure we all really enjoyed it !


Enjoying the beautiful Pico, view from Sao Jorge
Lakes of Pico
Argyro goes for dolphin and seagull hunting
Again Argyro hunts our lounge, it really worked…
Mount Pico from Layes do Pico
Mount Pico with dolphins
They are everywhere !
Carrying our surfboards paid off ….
Faja dos Cubres, awesome place, not just for Surfing
Topo, view to Terceira
One of the many beautiful parks of the Azores, equipped with toilets, barbecue places etc, all free
Inside, the Caldera of Graciosa
One of the many remaining calderas of Pico
The huge caldera of Faial
Dolphins love Beduin
This Bull really stressed me, coming towards the rental car which had only half insurance……
Whales everywhere in the Azores, once hunted and killed down from the locals, now providing a huge income for all the Whale watch companies, I ques a change in a good directions, maybe a bit stressful for the whales but still better than on a harpoon..,
Yes we also stressed the dolphins,
Every boat passing by Horta has to leave a painting….
So did Beduin….
A blue whale on the first day, for me and Argyro the first whale ever…priceless…
Jonathan felt in love with Faja dos Cubres and its waves, whales and vibes, showed us the spots and the scenery
President of Alekistan enjoys local hospitality, huge craps and fishes made our day.
Ignoring gravity…
We saw many turtles, all where really sleepy or in the worst scenario ill and full of our plastic waste….
Hike to the top of Pico, also the highest point of Portugal

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  1. claudia czock-Kocans

    Lieber Leo ! Bin ich froh dass der presidente wieder heil bei Dir ist ….wünsch Euch eine glückliche Weiterreise und freu mich über die super Fotos ! LG claudia

  2. Rosel

    Danke,Leo.Wunderschöne Fotos,gute Stimmungsbeschreibung vom Azoren Archipel.Euch allen eine tolle Zeit und viel Freude bei der weiteren Erkundung .

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